Developer manual

Usage Scenarios

How to tell if a form can be built using the Spring CMS web forms.

To create a form within the current version Spring CMS it is important that the form has a defined list of recipients. This encompasses 99% of all forms. That is the email address (or addresses) that will receive the form data are known. This applies to contact us forms, simple product orders and many basic form requirements.

More complex forms such as those that might apply as part of a ticketing system, a multi-part submission form or anything linked to online merchant system will require assistance and set-up work from Millstream.

If you want to create a form that makes use of an undefined list of recipients simply email and we can speak with you about how we can meet your form requirements. This would apply to a Refer a Friend, or Tell a Friend type of form.

The Spring CMS custom form builder can be used to create:

  • Text field - A regular single line text input field
  • Text area - A multiple line text input area
  • Hidden - A field used to pass hidden settings or values (e.g. a redirect page URL, email subject line, email address)
  • Select - A drop down select menu
  • Check box - A check box
  • Note - A text heading or note used for display only
  • File - A file upload button for attaching files


Sorry - the Spring CMS custom form builder does not yet support columns. However we are confident any form can be easily adapted with a bit of thought.


Have a look at the functional demo form to see the types of fields, checkboxes and buttons you can use to build your form, or follow the steps to build a simple email form.