Developer manual

Form Field Definitions

To create your form fields, you enter the details about each field into a 'Form Field Definition'. You can create multiple fields by clicking the 'Add a row' link in the first Form Field Definition. Once you have created additional Form Field Definitions and saved the document, you can click and drag the Form Field Definitions to reorder them, or click the 'Remove' link at the bottom of a Form Field Definition to delete it. Be sure to save after making changes.


Each Form Field Defintion has the following options:

Form Field Definitions form



Spring supports the following form field types:

  • Checkbox - A checkbox
  • Checkbox List
  • Checkbox with option
  • Date - Day select menu, Month select menu and Year select menu
  • File - A file upload button for attaching files
  • Hidden - A field used to pass hidden settings or values
  • Note - A text heading or note used for display only
  • Offline - Form field definition is ignored
  • Radio
  • Select - A drop down select menu
  • Text - A regular single line text input field
  • Text List - multiple single line text input fields side by side
  • Textarea - A multiple line text input area



This is the text displayed on the website to describe the field (generally displayed to the left of the field)



This must be a unique value for each Form Field Definition. It must contain no spaces and only the letters a-z, numbers and hyphens. This value will not be displayed on the website - but will be used on the form when emailed.


ID: home-address

This will be converted and displayed as "Home Address" on the email sent.


Required for: Hidden, Checkboxes, Select List, Notes

The value(s) for that field.

When entering multiple values (such as in a multiple choice select list, radio list or checkbox list) values can be defined in two ways:

Simple Format


Value|Label Format

Value|Label Format allows you to submit different text in the form to what is displayed as the label.

Next-Week|Sometime Next Week,Next-Month|Sometime Next Month



Provides different display styles for the fields



  • Digits - only numbers can be entered into this field (spaces, letters and other charachters will prevent the form being submitted and display a warning)
  • Email - only properly formatted email addresses can be entered into the field. This does not prevent fake or incorrect email addresses, it only ensures that format of the email is correct.



This will prevent the form being submitted and display a warning unless this field has content, or has been ticked/selected.



Displays a text link next to the field, allowing additional copies of the field to be added to form when viewed.