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Include the output of the copy tag

Updated: Type: springtag


<copy option="value"/>

Current Experimental

Request Attributes

  Attribute Type Description Default Required?
current id string The id of the field to reference
By default if the xml contains more than one matching id, the first instance is returned
current page string The id of the page to reference -current page- No
current table string The table containing the page to reference
Allowed values: pages, products, assets
pages No
current dateformat string Format the output value using dateformat rules.
Allowed values: If the content of the value being is output is not a valid date/time string, the dateformat is ignored.

Valid date format characters - see /view/plugins/option-dateformat - which has been Base64 Encoded.
• The date format MUST be base64 encoded.

i.e. If the dateformat is 'd F Y', it should be entered as:

<option value="dateformat">ZCBGIFk=</option>

• Only used if 'date' is in the 'show' attribute.
• The default of 'd F Y' outputs the date in the format:

1 December 2013
experimental node string name of the parent node in the xml to return the result from
If not set, the first instance of the field value will be returned
-first instance- No
experimental else string Value to return if no matching field is found No
experimental depth number No
experimental lang string No
experimental source option
Allowed values: page, session, navigation
page No
experimental format string name of an xslt to modify the results of the xml
Spring will query the database using the table and page attributes, processing the results with the template specified in format prior to selecting the id from the xml output




<copy id="stagenumber"/>

Returns the value of the "stagenumber" field on the current page, or nothing if the field is empty



<copy table="assets" page="banner" id="html"/>

Returns the value of the "html" field of the page "banner" in the "assets" table, or nothing if the field is empty



<copy id="publishdate" dateformat="ZCAvIG0gLyB5"/>

Formats the publishdate (2013-07-13 16:00:00) according the date format output rules.


13 / 07 / 13