Developer manual


Outputs comments for the current page created by the comment-form plugin.

Updated: Type: springtag


<comment-list attribute="value"/>


Request Attributes

  Attribute Type Description Default Required?
current show list Controls the features enabled for the comment form
Allowed values: gravatar
• gravatar - Shows gravatars next to each comment
current gravatar-size number Size of the gravatar images shown next to each comment
Allowed values: number
• Requires 'show' attribute to contain the value 'gravatar'
50 No
current gravatar-default string Path to a custom default image uploaded to Spring. If not set, the Gravatar default images will be shown.
Allowed values: valid springurl
• Spring url is of the format "upload:folder:image.png"
current sort list Sorts the list of comments
Allowed values: Standard sort options
asc no




	<select name="feed">
		<option value="format">blog.comments.xslt</option>
		<option value="table">comments</option>
		<option value="sort">AAA</option>
		<option value="limit">BBB</option>
		<option value="show">CCC</option>
		<option value="category">
			<text>---- insert the pageid of the original page the comment was for ----</text>
		<option value="gravatar-size">DDD</option>
		<option value="gravatar-default">EEE</option>
		<option value="comment-label">FFF</option>

Instead of using the <comment-list/> tag, it is possible to call the blog.comments.xslt template directly to have more control over the output of the comments list.