Spring Manual

Relocating a page

Pages appear on your web site is the same location that they appear in the Spring Site Manager. If you need to relocate a page from one area of the web site to another this can easily be done.

Pages shown in Site Manager - single click to select the page you wish to relocate.

Once you have highlighted/selected the page you wish to relocate then click on the "Relocate" button at the top right hand side of the tool bar.

Relocation button

Select the destination folder for the page by clicking once to highlight the correct folder. When you are happy with the future location of your page then click on the "Choose" button to send your request to Spring. Your page will immediately jump to the new location. The navigation menu links will adjust automatically.

Page relocation

Your page should now appear in the correct folder. Use the up/down green arrows in the tool bar to shuffle the page order.

If the list of folders and icons are not displaying correctly then click on the "refresh-icon".

Refresh icon