Spring Manual

Menu re-direct link

This information covers how to make a new menu item that links directly to a specified web address.

Creating links in menus

Step 1: Choose link location

Select the "parent" folder that will contain the link. Single click on the folder - it should get a green band through it to show that it is selected.

Step 2: Create New Folder (this will be converted into a link)

Choose "New" from the tool bar at the top of the Site Manager. A pop-up alert will ask if you want a new page or a new folder. Choose the folder icon.

A new folder will appear in the documents list. Double click on the "NEW" folder title.

Step 3: Insert the web address to create link

The folder options pop-up contains a number of fields requiring information.

In particular you need to fill out the following:

  • Name: Heading - text that will become the link in this field eg. ABC Sports Results
  • Link: Insert the web address you want as your link. If you are linking to an external web site then include all of the address starting with http:// Internal web page only need the web address starting after the domain name including /view onwards.
  • Status: Online / Offline - choose online when you are ready to incude the link in the navigation menus on your web site.
  • Page ID: Optional - change the unique string of numbers to human friendly words.

Step 4: Save and close

When you have filled out the folder options fields and inserted the web address click on the "Save" button and close the window.

In the Site Manager view of your documents you should now see an arrow icon like the one pictured to the left in the place that you chose to put your link.