Spring Manual

Document Archiving

Handling material that's outdated at the end of the year.

A common problem for clients is what to do with a web page that has a list of news items or PDF files that have accumulated over the course of a calendar year. These might be Newsletters, regular reports or investor updates.

Method A

A simple method is to set up your pages or folders using dates and simply change the choice of the starred page to change the focus from one year to the next as shown below.

Dates and star pages

Method B

Another way to manage these files is to rename the page (or folder) at the end of each year and create a new replacement for the new year.

Simple way to archive newsletters

In this example the Newsletter page has a generic title and is the starred page (cover page) for that section of the web site. At the end of the year the page is renamed following a naming pattern. This process is repeated over a number of years. This is done simply by altering the Page Title and Page ID fields of the page. (See below - click on image to enlarge.)

Renaming Pages and Page ID's

In the example above the previous years Newsletters have a page status of Hidden to avoid cluttering up the drop down menus with an overwhelming amount of information. If this is not a problem for your situation you might like to leave the pages "Online" and appearing in the main web site menus.

Pages that have a status of "Hidden" are accessed via links placed on the main Newsletter cover page. A simple statement on the main Newsletter cover page can provide a way to link to previous editions. For example:

Looking for an old Newsletter? See previous newsletter editions for the following years: 2007 | 2008 | 2009
(of course your links would go to the appropriate Newsletter pages on your site!)

Method C

It might be worth noting that if you are publishing a lot of content, it may be easier to get us to create an automated system for listing and archiving older documents. Contact us to discuss your needs.


You have control to alter the folder and document names on your site. These changes are made under the "info" tab on pages and by double clicking on the folder name to view the folder properties. You can also apply the ideas above at the folder level.

Folder level naming scheme

Changes made to folder names and document names will be immediate on the live version of the web site. Keep this in mind when making alterations.

Changes to the page ID or folder ID can give you a "Page not found" error. Don't panic. Go to the home page of the public web site. Refresh. Then browse through the menu to find your page under it's new title and new page ID. If you are having trouble to see your changes you may need to clear your browser cache.

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