Spring Manual

Working with block quotes

Applying block-quote formatting

Place the cursor into the paragraph of text that you want to be a block-quote, or alternatively select multiple paragraphs for a long quotation. In the editing tools select the block-quote icon which is located at the end of the middle row of tools.

Click to toggle block-quote formatting on and off

Text that has previously been formatted using the block-quote tool can be identified quickly in the SpringCMS as it will have a dotted yellow line around the text block with a yellow "blockquote" label.

Example of block-quote label

Removing block quote formatting

To remove a block quote place the cursor into the text block and click the blockquote tool to de-select. Clicking the blockquote tool should toggle the formatting on and off.

Inserting text after, or between two block quotes

  1. Insert the cursor at the end of the last line of text in the existing block quote.
  2. Press the return / enter key on your keyboard to take your cursor to a new line
  3. Click on the blockquote icon in the editing tool bar - this will toggle the block-quote formatting on and off.
  4. Your cursor should now be on a new line outside of the previous yellow block-quote indicator.
  5. Enter your new text
  6. If required you can now apply block-quote formatting to the new paragraph which should be independent of block-quotes above and/or below.