Spring Manual

Setting page properties under the Info panel

When setting up a new page it is important to set your basic page properties under the Info panel.

See the image below and key to numbers.

Page properties panel

Filling out the fields under the Info tab should be completed as follows:

1.) Title

The Title field is for your page title. Short, succinct, snappy titles work best as the title becomes page hyperlink in the site menus.

2.) Browser Window Title

The Browser Window Title refers to the area within the framework of your web browser above the URL (web address). Read more about making the most of the Browser Window Title field.

Showing area where browser window title appears

3.) Page ID

The page ID field is used to generate the web address (URL). Swap the default string of numbers to words to create a URL that is easy for people to read and understand.

The ID of this page has been set as setting page properties

Page ID gets used to generate the page web address

4.) Publish Date

The Publish Date fields are generally best used for news articles so that the system can detect which articles should be displayed as "most recent" news. If you page is a general page that will be on the web site permanently there is no need to set a publish date. Setting the publish date will override the page status and make your page online so only set the publish date when you are happy for your page content to go online.

5.) Status

The page Status field allows you to control if you page is offline, online, hidden or invisible. See our help document about Page Status to understand these different options.

6.) Description

The Description field allows you to write a small summary describe what the page is about. This desciption may become "teaser" or introductory text if you are creating a news article page. On any page text in this field might be used by search engines to display in a search results index.

7.) Keywords

Use the Keywords field only if there is a "Search" field on the web site. Placing words in this field that are not used within the page copy will help users to find information based on keyword searches on your site. For example school web sites with a "canteen" menu page might have parents searching for "tuck shop" or "caffeteria".

Using a key word to search