Spring Manual

Quick edit and copy tool

To make use of the Quick Edit and Copy tool you need to be logged in as the Site Manager to your web site. This tool is great for making quick text changes whilst browsing the site. It can also be used for copying, or duplicating pages.

Location of Quick Edit Tool

Once logged in as Site Manager, view the public version of your web site to see the Quick Edit & Copy tool visible in the top left-hand corner of your browser window. Please note that it will only be visible if you have logged in as the Site Manager.

log in to see tab

The quick edit took will appear as a small white triangle on a grey tab. Hover over the arrow with your cursor and the tool will expand to show the options as shown below...

Edit Copy pop-out tool


Choose edit to make changes to your page. A pop-up box will appear showing your text in editing mode. Using your mouse. click into the text diting region to activate the word processing tools. Make any text changes needed and then use the "save" button. The "x" on the right hand corner can be used to close the pop-up box. You may need to refresh/reload your web page to see the changes take effect.

Quick edit pop-out box


Choose copy to duplicate the page - thereby creating a second copy. A pop-up box will confirm the page has been copied.


A copy of your page will now be sitting in the same folder as the original copy.

Duplicate copy