Spring Manual

Paste from Word

Recommended Steps

  • Use the 'Paste from Word' button, or ideally the 'Paste as Plain Text' button.
  • Complex word documents are very difficult to clean, it is a constant battle
  • Save often!

Toolbar showing Paste-from-Word icon

  1. Open up the source document in MS Word and select the content you wish to copy.
  2. Copy it!
  3. Switch across to Spring, insert the cursor in the Layout where you would like to place the content you have just copied.
  4. Click the 'Paste from Word' icon (About 6 icons along in the top line of the tool set)
    1. In Internet Explorer the content of your clipboard will be pasted directly into the layout
    2. In Firefox, a dialog box will appear. Paste the content of your clipboard into the dialog box and click the 'Insert' button
  5. It is recommended you "save" in Spring after pasting in any content to allow Spring to check and correct any formatting errors

View Quick time example

Copying Tables

For a more reliable method of copying tables into Spring - try selecting the paragraph before and after the table in your selection. Selecting only the table can sometimes only bring in the text and not the table layout.

Instead of selecting the table directly and copying it:

Wrong: Selecting the table only

Select the paragraph before and immediately after the table:

Right: Select the content before and immediately after


  • You can not paste in images or graphics using this technique
  • Any unsupported formatting will be removed to ensure the content formating meets our required standards
  • If this feature is too 'agressive' with it's cleaning of the formatting of content - you can try pasting in directly to the Layout area using Command-v (MAC) or Control-v (PC).