Spring Manual

Page ID

Every document created in the Spring CMS must be uniquely identifiable. Therefore every new page that is created is given a unique page ID in the form of a string of numbers.

Numeric ID

The above page ID results in the page having a web address (URL) that reads like this:

Numerical URL

These strings of numbers get used to form the web address and do not translate with much meaning.

Human Friendly Page ID's

When creating a new page in SpringCMS. Millstream recommend allocating a page ID that uses words. Words derived or matching the page title work best.

Meaningful page ID

Using words for the Page ID results in a web address like this:

Readable URL

The wording of the link above makes more sense and would continue to do so if used as a bookmark, or recorded in any printed documents.

Tracking down pages with Numerical Page ID's

It's easy to pick up pages on your site that are still using strings of numbers to define the Page ID. Just look at the documents in the Site Manager as the Page ID is displayed after the page title in brackets.

Site Manager page ID's in brackets