Spring Manual

Creating a link to a file.

Web sites using an older version of the SpringCMS will have a "File Browser" tab on the top right hand side of the page editor as shown below.

SpringCMS 2007 File browser tab

To create a link to a file you will first need to upload the file. If you have already uploaded a file please skip the next few steps.

Step 1. Upload the file.

Open the File Browser panel by hovering or clicking on the tab. Look down the panel, you may need to scroll down and click on the folder icon of the folder titled "pages".

Click on the Pages folder icon

Step 2. Find the folder that matches your page.

The folders inside the "pages" folder correspond with all of the pages in your web site. Look for the title of the page you are working on. The listing is alphabetical.

Find your folder

Step 3. Upload files to this folder

Let's upload the file from your computer network to the web server. Use the "Upload files to this folder" text link at the top of the file browser panel.

upload files link

Select the file from your computer or office network

Use the "Browse" button to select the file of your choice from your computer system. (PDF format is ideal for sharing printed documents online whilst retaining the original format.)

Browse and send file to file server

When you have chosen the file click on the "Send file" button. This will send the file from your network to the web server. This may take a moment or two.

When the file has successfully been sent to the file server the File Upload panel will revert to the previous screen showing the list of files.
The file uploaded should now appear in the list.

Step 4. Now create your link!

Click into the editing region. Put the cursor into the text where you want your file link to appear.

Insert link

The file name will then appear as linked text.

Linked file appears

Alter the link text

You can then alter the link text and surrounding text to fit your needs. In the following example information has been added to alert visitors that the file is in PDF format and the size of the file that they can choose to download.

Alter link text to fit your needs

Save frequently

In the Spring editing window click on the "Save" button in the top left hand corner to commit your changes and save your work.