Spring Manual

Linking to a File (2015 system update)

Follow these procedure to link to any web friendly file format. PDF files recommended for documents.

For the purposes of this document we'll assume you have already logged into the Site Manager and opened a page for editing.

Move between the Layout, Info and Attachments properties for the web page you are building/editing. To link to a new file choose the Attachments option as circled in red in the image below.

Start with attachments

Once the Attachments options have loaded, use the grey Upload Files button to select the file (most likely PDF document) that you wish to use on your web page.

If you have a multiple files to upload you can select more than one from your computer or office network. Users can also drag and drop onto the Upload area. The green colouring shown below shows two ODF files successfully uploaded.

Upload your files

Head back to the page Layout to insert or link the files into your page content. Simply highlight the text that you wish to use as the link to your file. Selecting the insert/edit link icon will cause a link properties dialogue box to open.

highlight linked text and choose edit link icon

The Insert/edit link properties box is shown below. Look through the link list to select the file you need. The files need to be uploaded before you can choose them from the list.

Choose PDF

Once you are happy with the selected item and the linked text... then choose the okay button.

Insert link select okay

A successfully linked file is indicated by the selected text turning blue and underlined as pictured below:

Succesful link - appears blue

Saving your work

As always make sure to save your work to commit the changes to the server.

save often


If you run into problems please email support@millstream.com.au