Spring Manual

Linking to a File

Follow these procedure to link to any web friendly file format. PDF most commonly used.

Watch a video of the procedure.

Select the text in the page content area the you wish to become a link to the file.

Text selected to become a link

Choose the Insert / Edit Link Button from the tool bar. This will prompt a properties box to pop-up.

Insert edit link button on tool bar

Insert / Edit Link Properties

Choose the Browse tab at the top of the properties box.

Location of browse tab shown

Uploading the file

Use the Upload Files to this folder link to choose a file from your computer / office network.

Ignore this step if you have already uploaded the file via the attachments tab interface. Skip to the next heading below.

Upload Files to this folder link shown

Don't be fooled by this non-descript screen. Choose the Upload button and continue....

Upload button selected

You will be prompted to select the file from your computer / office network. Choose your file. It should be named with the correct file extension and be a web friendly format such as a PDF.

Choosing file

A progress bar indicates that the file is being sent to the web server.

The time this takes will vary depending on the file size.

Upload progress bar sample

When the file has completed uploading the progress bar will disappear. Stay in this file browser tab and scroll down to locate the file you have just uploaded.

Select File

Selecting file from list

Insert Link

Once the file has been selected the Insert / Edit properties box will revert to the General tab and the file URL will be inside the link field as shown below. Click on the Insert button.

File link insert

A successfully linked file is indicated by the selected text turning blue and underlined.

Successfully linked file


As always make sure to save your work to commit the changes to the server.

save often


If you don't see the screen shown above, you may be using an older version of the Spring CMS! Follow this method instead.