Spring Manual

Working with Image Plug-ins in SpringCMS

How to create slideshows and image galleries.

Slideshow and Gallery options are under the "Attachments" tab.

Once your page is open for editing click on the "Attachments" tab.

Attachments link in SpringCMS

When you have clicked on the Attachments tab, a screen will load up showing various image options. If you have not already done so, you will need to upload the image files you wish to use in your Slideshow or Gallery.

Image selection

Once you have uploaded your image files you will see the thumbnail images appearing under the "Attachments" tab. Scroll down and look at the thumbnail images. Remove the ticks on any file that you wish to exclude from your Slideshow or Gallery.

Tick files you wish to appear in slide show or gallery display

Choose Slideshow or Gallery option.

At the top of the "Attachments" screen you will see some options for Image Plug-ins. There will be at least two choices:

> Slideshow

> Gallery

Some web sites will have additional options listed.

Choose the option you wish to use by checking the box next to the "Slideshow" or "Gallery" label.

Listed image plug-ins

Double check that you have selected the option you want for Slidshow or Gallery. Review the list of thumbnail images and check the correct ones are ticked for display. When you are happy with your choices click on the "Save" button located in the left hand corner of the editing screen.

Click on the "Home" link under the Site Manager tab to return to the Site Manager. If you expand the folder you are working in you can Preview the page you have been working on and see how your page looks online.