Spring Manual

Editing a page within the Site Manager

Log into the SpringCMS as the Manager. When the Site Manager tab screen has loaded, use the grey arrow to the left of each folder to expand the contents and reveal the pages inside.

Select the page you wish to edit by clicking on the page icon or title. A menu will appear with a range of options including edit, preview, copy, make default or delete as pictured below.

Choose edit and the page will open for editing. Another nice way to edit is via the Quick Edit tool.

Choose to edit a page

Once page opens for editing you will see a white triangle indicating that you are looking at the page Content or page Layout as pictured below. Alterations to the page text take effect when the Save button in the top left hand corner of the Site Manager tab is pressed.

the editing dashboard of tools become active when the cursor is inserted into the editing area.

Editing Content

Save your work regularly to avoid lost changes.