Spring Manual

Creating Hyperlinks

Adding a link

1.) Select the text or an image that has been placed in the page content area that you wish to become a link

Highlight the text you wish to link

2.) Click the Insert/edit Link button

Insert Edit link button

Insert / Edit Link Properties box

1.) Enter the URL (web addresss) in the Link URL field. No need to fill-out any other fields.

If you are linking to an external web site include the http:// at the start.

Insert web address including the http

2.) Click the insert button

3.) Your link should appear underlined in blue as shown to indicate the text has been linked.

Underlined in blue

Linking to pages within your site

To link to a page on your site - that is within the same domain name , follow the steps outlined above. When you insert the link into the properties box you can remove the domain name part of the link ensuring the link starts with the '/'.

Internal Link example

For example:


Can be entered as:


Forcing a link to open in a new browser window

To force a page to open a new tab or browser (i.e. not to open in the current browser window), click on the Insert/Edit Link button (the chain) and in the 'Advanced' tab, type "external" in the 'Rel' field.

Showing rel external setting

Creating Anchor Links

To create links to text blocks within the same page see our document on Anchor Links

Linking to a File

To create a link to a PDF file or some other file format for download see our document Linking to a File