Spring Manual

Creating Email Links

  1. Select the text in the layout that you wish to become a link
  2. Click the 'Insert/edit Link' icon
  3. Enter the email address in the 'Link URL' text field
  4. Add the "mailto:" text in front of your email address - as pictured below:

Screenshot showing sample email link URL with mailto text included

For example:


Can be entered into the Link URL field as:


Getting your email link to pre-fill the email subject line

When creating the link add some extra syntax to your link so that the email opens with the Subject line already filled out...

Syntax needed is:

?Subject=Your Subject Line

Example of how the syntax above would be entered into the Link URL field:

mailto:info@millstream.com.au?Subject=Question For Millstream

Select the link example above to see the email Subject line is filled out.

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