Spring Manual

Changing the Page Status

This information applies to changing the status of a page from Online to Offline, Hidden or Invisible.

Actions to change the page status

  1. Log in to the Manager
  2. From the Site Manager double click the page you wish to change the status of.
  3. The page will open for editing.
  4. Click on the Info panel link.
  5. To change the status of the page, select the required option from the Status field.
  6. After making your selection remember to save your changes.

Quick status check - which status suits my page?





Page is online and accessible by site visitors.



Page is offline and is not accessible by site visitors.



Page is hidden and accessible by site visitors, but not displayed in navigation menus. This page might be accessed by a graphical element such as a button or photo, linked to using a text link within the body copy or a web address given to select people.



Page is invisible and accessible by site visitors, but not displayed in navigation menus. It will not appear in web site search results and search engines will not index this page so it will not appear in search results on any third party search engine such as Google, Yahoo and so on.

Star Icon


This status designates which page within a folder is the cover page for that section of the web site. The default Page status is hidden to avoid duplication of the page title plus the parent folder title - but if both the parent-folder title and the page-title need to be displayed then a star page can be given a status of online.

Can I make my page status invisible but still make it visible to the web site navigation menus?

Yes you can. You can convert your page to a folder... the folder can be marked "Online" and then apply a "star" to your page making it the default cover page for the new folder. Give it a page status of "invisible" and it will be visible to the menu links but not indexed by search engines.