Spring Manual

Making Anchor Links (links within the same page)

This information describes the procedure for making links that jump down to information further down the same page.

This can be useful for long text based pages to allow quick access to sub-sections of text.

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Step 1: Identify how many Anchor positions you will need

Identify the sections of your page text that you want to provide a direct link to. Sub headings are an ideal way to label and identify these individual paragraphs or sections of material. Create a list of these sections at the top of your page.

Your list might look something like this... but at this stage you would not yet have the links inserted:

Step 2: Create "Anchors" within the page text

In the page text we need to allocate the "Anchor Points". These are the places in the text that are the fixed positions that you want your readers to jump to. Sub headings are an ideal place to create an "anchor point" but any text (or image) can be used.

Select the first sub-heading, text or image that you want to make into an "anchor" and click on the "anchor" icon in the tool set at the top of the editing window.

Anchor icon

This icon pops open an options box titled "Insert/ edit anchor". Give the anchor a unique name that will easily identify the text. For example on this page the first anchor point is named "piano" because it is going to become the anchor point for the paragraph about piano classes.

Insert - edit anchor

Once named click the "insert" button on the options box. You will see a small "anchor" image appear where you inserted it. This will only display in the editing window not on the final web page.

Anchor placement within text

Repeat these steps for each place that you want marked in the page text. On this page we have created 3 anchor points - one for each section on piano classes, french horn lessons and guitar ensemble.

Step 3: Create Links

Once you have identified the sections of text and named your anchor points we now need to link to them. This is generally done at the top of the page to enable your readers quick access to the relevent information below.

Return to the list that you made at the top of this page. For consistency the items in the list should match the sub headings used in the page text below. Select the text that you want to use as your link. In our example above the first line "piano classes" is selected. Go to the tool set and choose the link icon. It looks like a chain.

Add - edit link icon

An options box will appear. The second field in the options box is named "Anchors" and has a menu that drops down. Click on the down arrow and a list should appear with each anchor point listed that you have made. Choose the anchor point that matches your link text and click on the insert button.

Select anchor from list

Repeat this action for each anchor point.

Step 4: Save you work. You have finished.

Whenever working in SpringCMS remember to click "save" regularly to commit your changes to the web server.

Sample Text Only

The text below is sample text only to show how the Anchor Links in the list at the top of the page jump down to the Anchor Points embedded in the text below. Go to the top of the page and try them out.

Piano Classes

Piano Classes follow the popular Yamaha method. Fusce eleifend elit in nunc. Praesent velit massa, molestie non, congue sit amet, blandit sed, ipsum. Duis ac felis in felis luctus auctor. Nulla at lectus. Vestibulum magna ante, fermentum in, vehicula eu, aliquam ut, ligula. Sed non sem quis sapien tristique nonummy. Phasellus cursus viverra tortor. Cras tristique ultrices massa. Aenean porta purus vitae ipsum. Ut sagittis, nunc id malesuada tincidunt, risus metus malesuada dolor, ac pellentesque mi turpis ultrices felis. Sed gravida felis a est. Integer varius. In rhoncus nisi accumsan orci. Duis pellentesque sem fringilla sem. Maecenas eget arcu. Donec luctus, lorem quis sollicitudin sagittis, nisl ante vestibulum magna, id interdum risus mauris in magna. Fusce purus. Aenean turpis augue, rhoncus ut, rhoncus eu, scelerisque quis, tortor. In interdum lectus vitae leo. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos hymenaeos.

French Horn Lessons

French Horn Lessons take place in the auditorium. Phasellus pede. Fusce sem diam, fringilla eu, egestas nec, bibendum quis, mi. Quisque convallis congue ipsum. Praesent fermentum varius tellus. Curabitur nec nibh gravida lorem luctus nonummy. Sed sem. Proin enim lacus, venenatis non, adipiscing eget, ultricies et, tellus. Sed auctor nisl ut mi. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Curabitur a lorem non lectus mollis scelerisque. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos hymenaeos. Sed nonummy iaculis dolor. Suspendisse feugiat.

Guitar Ensemble

Guitar lessons are cunducted by Mrs Jane Smith. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Vivamus urna mauris, vehicula non, pellentesque id, mattis eu, nisl. Phasellus tellus turpis, cursus at, tincidunt ut, malesuada non, sapien. Cras velit. Aenean malesuada magna id turpis. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Fusce eleifend diam quis urna. Mauris vehicula dui ut libero bibendum fringilla. Sed lorem elit, posuere at, porta id, semper eget, lorem. Donec lorem nibh, posuere eget, facilisis et, vestibulum ac, quam. Fusce vel orci posuere tellus sagittis rutrum. Phasellus imperdiet molestie neque. Suspendisse consequat lorem ut arcu. Duis iaculis. Duis in urna. Proin ullamcorper.