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For information on how to upload a video to Vimeo, see the help document Uploading to Vimeo

Using a link to embed a Vimeo video in Spring

To embed a Vimeo video, simply create a link to your Vimeo video URL:

e.g. http://www.vimeo.com/56854878

To do this:

1. Within the layout area of a page, enter some dummy text where you would like the video to appear - we suggest the title of the video.

i.e. Matilda Bay time-lapse

This text will be hidden and replaced by the embedded video when the page is viewed.

2. Next, select the text you just entered and click the 'Insert/Edit Link' button in the toolbar.

3. Enter the link to the Vimeo video page, the link should look like one of the following (https is also allowed):


4. Click Insert, then save the page. When you preview the page, your video should now be embedded

If the video is not marked as private on Vimeo, Spring will automatically connect to Vimeo to make sure the embedded video is the correct size and proportions. If the video is marked as private, Spring will embed the video at the default sizes for your site (typically 16:9 ratio). Please contact support if this needs to be adjusted.

For further step by step instructions on links, view the help document for creating a link.


Using a link to open a Vimeo video in a lightview window

To open the video in a lightview window, you can either make text in the page a link, or you can place an image and make that a link.

To make a link to a lightview window, while in the Edit/Insert Link dialog, in the Class field enter lightview

If the video is not marked as private on Vimeo, Spring will automatically connect to Vimeo to make sure the lightview window is opened at the correct size and proportions. If your video is private you can override this option by manually setting the lightview video size (see 'Manually setting the lightview window size' below).

Opening videos in a lightview window

Example text link

Matilda Bay time-lapse

Example image link

View Video

Manually setting the lightview window size

You can manually control the size of the lightview window by entering the required dimensions in the Lightview properties field in the Insert/Edit Link dialog

i.e. To force the lightview window open at 640x272, enter the following:

width: 640, height: 272

Lightview dimensions


Matilda Bay time-lapse

Preventing Spring from embedding the video

To prevent the default behaviour of links to Vimeo videos being embedded within the page, edit the link and in the rel field enter either link or external

link will open the link the same window (replacing the current page)

external will open the link in a new browser window or tab (depending on the users browser preferences).

Linking to a vimeo video

Example of normal link

Matilda Bay time-lapse

Example of an external link

Matilda Bay time-lapse