Spring Manual

Pinterest Verification

Pinterest provides tools to integrate your Pinterest account with your website through their 'Pinterest for Business' accounts.

1. To start, visit the Pinterest for Business Setup page and create a new account (or login if you already have an account). If you are logged in to Pinterest with a non-business account already, you will be prompted to upgrade.

2. Follow the instructions on the 'Verify Your Website' page.

3. When Verifying your domain, choose the 'Verify with a meta tag' option:

Verify with Meta Tag

4. Copy the value of the 'content' attribute between the quotes:

Copy Verification Number

i.e. If the example looks like this:

<meta name="p:domain_verify"
content="73d2102262959c8f7e8eeebb939007b5" />

Select and copy the verification code:


5. In another browser window, log into the Spring Manager.

6. Create a new page in the Assets tab (or edit the existing page if it has an ID of 'pinterest-verification').

Ensure the page has the following settings:

  • Title: Pinterest Verification
  • ID: pinterest-verification
  • Status: <Online>
  • Value: <paste the Pinterest domain verification code>

Create Verification Asset in Spring

7. Save the page.

8. View your home page to force Spring to regenerate the page and update the verification code.

9. Switch back to the Pinterest 'Verify Your Website' dialog and click the 'Complete Verification' button.

10. Save your profile.

Your website should now be verified. You can confirm it's completed be editing your profile again and checking that you have 'Site Verified' next to the 'Website' field.