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Using a link to embed an Issuu publication

Copying the Issuu Embed Code

1. Login to Issuu and click 'My Publications'

2. Click on the publication you wish to embed, then click 'Share'

Click on Share

3. Click on 'Website or Blog'

Click on Website or Blog

4. Copy the Link URL:

Copy the Link url

Embedding the Issuu Publication

1. Edit the page you wish to embed the publication.

In the Layout area, enter some text to use as a link. This link will be replaced with the embedded document when visitors view your page:

Create Link

2. In the Insert/Edit Link dialog, enter the URL into the Link URL field:

e.g. http://issuu.com/millstreamweb/docs/sample?e=8584267/4549589

Note: Issuu (for some reason) does not include http:// or // at the beginning of the url. You will need to add it before saving the Insert/Edit Link dialog

Enter Link

Click Insert then save your document and view it. You should now see the embedded publication.

For additional step by step instructions on links, view the help document for creating a link.

Example Issuu Publication