Spring Manual

Embedding Video

Spring natively supports embedding .flv, .mov, .mp4, .qt and .m4v videos.

To embed a video simply:

  1. Attach your file to the page (you may upload files upto 100Mb in size)
  2. In the layout tab, simply create a link to the video file

By default, Spring will embed the video at 425 x 345 pixels size.

To set your own default video sizes, create the following 2 pages in Assets:

  • Title: Video Default Width
  • ID: video-default-width
  • Value: <number>
  • Title: Video Default Height
  • ID: video-default-height
  • Value: <number>


.m4v without 'fast start' (streaming) enabled.

Video will need to download entirely before playing

Play Embedding Video Embedding Video

.m4v with 'fast start' (streaming) enabled.

Video will start playing as soon as possible

Play Embedding Video Embedding Video


Common Issues

  1. When the video plays, if no video is visible, but sound plays correctly, then the video is not encoded correctly. The video needs to be re-encoded.
  2. If the video does not start playing, and 'downloads' entirely before playing, then 'streaming/fast start/hinting' is not enabled for that video. The video needs to be re-encoded.
  3. If the video is choppy when played, the video is either too large or the bit rate is to large to play over the internet. The video needs to be re-encoded.
  4. If the player does not appear, and only the 'link' to the video appears, the video format is not currently supported, please contact us to see if we can provide support.