General Help

Google Calendar URL's

To embed a Google Calendar into a Spring site requires copying the 'XML Private Address'.

Note: In order to obtain the relevant calendar IDs, the administrator of your organization's Apps account needs to turn on the options for sharing and/or synchronization. This can be done by way of the admin control panel.

Follow these instructions to find the required URL to send to Millstream.

1. Log into Google Calendar in your web browser

2. Click on 'Settings > Calendar Settings' (top right)

Calendar Settings

3. Click on 'Calendars'

Calendars tab

4. From the list of Calendars, click on the title of the Calendar you wish to use

Click on chosen calendar

5. Click on the 'XML' icon in the 'Private Address' section

XML Private Address

6. Copy the URL as displayed

Calendar URL

7. Send the URL to Millstream

8. If you do not see the 'Private Address' section (shown in step 5 above). You need to alter the calendar sharing options for your organisation. Please refer to the following Google Apps Documentation and Support page