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What's the difference between domains?

Try and choose the best fit for your domain requirements. See the table below for an explanation of the domain name choices.

Should I be looking at a .com, .net .biz or something else?

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.com or

Intended for commercial operations.

.net or

Historically for companies involved in "networks" such as ISPs, but the use broadened and became an alternative to .com

.org or

Suitable for non-profit organisations and community based groups that don't fit any other category. (Also see


This domain was created to help relieve the pressure on .com domain names. Another option for businesses.


The idea of this domain is that it is intended for informative Internet resources. Some examples include public transport timetables, samples and examples of reference materials, geographical material.

This domain is currently reserved for Australian schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions.

Suitable for incorporated associations, political parties, trade unions, sporting and special interest clubs within Australia.

Individuals by real name, pen name, stage name or pseudonym who are Australian citizens or residents.


Islands of Tuvalu. Because of the popularity of .tv being an abbreviation of television the government of Tuvalu has a commercial deal that offers worldwide use of .tv for sites offering rich media content.


Cocos (Keeling) Islands


Christmas Island