Developer manual

Test: YouTube Video

Using a link to embed a YouTube video

To embed a YouTube video, simply create a link to the URL:


By default Spring will embed the video at 425px width x 344px high:

To set your own default video sizes, create the following Assets:

  • Title: Video Default Width
  • ID: video-default-width
  • Value: <number>
  • Title: Video Default Height
  • ID: video-default-height
  • Value: <number>

Using a plugin to embed a YouTube video [Deprecated]

Using a plugin allows you to control the width and height of the embedded video. This method uses flash to embed the video and therefore does not support mobile devices. It is recommend you use the above link method instead.

<select name="flash">
<option value="path"></option>
<option value="wmode">transparent</option>
<option value="width">530</option>
<option value="height">350</option>