Developer manual

Test: Slideshow Plugin - Crossfade

There are currently two methods of calling the slideshow plugin. They are functionally identical, and have the same options. The only difference is the shorter Spring Tag method can only be used in layout.xml (but has the advantage of being slightly easier to read when developing).

Spring Tag

The shorter form Spring Tag can be used within layout.xml for the Slideshow plugin




See Slideshow Plugin for all options.

<slideshow option="value"/>


This example is functionally identical to the longer plugin format shown further down.

(Example shown formatted over several lines is simply for readability in the docs).

<slideshow setup="autoLoad:false"
controls="none" crop="1" width="530" height="530"/>

Plugin format

The longer format plugin format can be embedded in a page using the Spring Page Editor, or used directly within layout.xml




See Slideshow Plugin for all options.

<select name="slideshow">
<option value="class">crossfade</option>
<option value="setup">autoLoad:false</option>
<option value="parameters">interval:5,duration:2,autoStart:true,setSize:true</option>
<option value="controls">none</option>
<option value="crop">1</option>
<option value="width">530</option>
<option value="height">350</option>

The Slideshow example below uses the above settings:

Sample content below the slideshow.

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