Spring Manual

Quickly loading the folder for the current page

In Spring, every page you create in the Site Manager has a corresponding folder to store any attachments.

As an example, if you attached a file called profile.jpg to a page with the id of about, the file could be found in the File Manager by click on the pages folder, then the about folder.

While editing a page there is also a shortcut method to set the File Manger tab to the corresponding folder for the currently edited page.

1. From the attachments panel, click Set as current folder in the File Manager link

Set current folder

2. Then click the File Manager tab

File Manager tab

3. The File Manager will now be displaying the corresponding folder for the current page

4. Any changes you make to the contents of the folder (including uploading, deleting, uncompressing files) will be reflected on the Attachments panel of the current page once the page is saved or reloaded.