Developer manual

Customising Spring Manager

You can override the default style of the Spring Manager to implement your own look.

Grab a copy of the standard Spring manager CSS file below, and upload it with any changes you need into the sites 'css' folder.

You can download the default background and logo directly to make it easier for you to create your own:


If you are modifying the Spring Manager style, we require you to note the following:

  1. The developer and copyright notice must remain visible: 'Spring CMS developed by Millstream Copyright ©2003-2009'
  2. You may replace the 'Millstream Spring CMS logo' ( logo-001.png), but the replacement image must prominently feature 'Spring CMS'.
  3. We require that the system always be branded and referred to as 'Spring CMS'
  4. This is currently a trial - we may at a later stage remove this facility and revert to an unbranded system or provide another means of customising the interface.
  5. Do not modify anything beyond the background images and colours.