Developer manual


Spring CMS has support for Typekit built in.

To use Typekit on a Spring CMS site, register an account or login to your existing Typekit account and follow the steps on their site to create a new 'Kit'.

Once you have added your required fonts to your kit, click the Launch Kit Editor button on their site:

Launch Kit Editor

In the Kit Editor window, click the Embed Code link in the top right:

Embed Code link

Copy the Typekit Kit ID:

Embed Code

In Spring, from the Assets tab, create a new asset with the following details:

  • Title: "Typekit"
  • ID: "typekit"
  • Value: <enter the Typekit Kit ID copied previously>

Typekit ID Asset

Save the Typekit Asset and proceed to update your CSS files to include the required CSS classes as specified in the Typekit Kit Editor.

Note: Because Assets are cached by Spring, you may need to refresh the Spring manager to enable the Spring Typekit plugin.