Developer manual

Custom CSS Files

By default Spring CMS sites use a variety of standard Spring CSS files (cascading style sheets).

As a developer you have access to:

  • alter which standard style sheets are used (if any);
  • to override individual standard style sheets with your own modified versions;
  • or to use your own custom style sheets.

To upload and use your own CSS files, you'll need FTP Access. Read more about using FTP to upload files.

Viewing a sites style sheets

1. View the currently used style sheets for a site by double clicking the root 'Website' folder in the Site Manager:

Site Manager root folder

2. The style sheets in use are listed in the 'Style Sheet' section:

Current style sheets

Changing the style sheets used for a site

To stop a style sheet being used on a site, simply click the 'Remove' link next to the style sheet name:

Removing a style sheet

If you have uploaded a new style sheet into the CSS folder using FTP, the style sheet will be available from the drop down menu.

ie. In the following example, a file called 'style.css' has been upload via ftp into the css directory.

Choosing a custom style sheet

Make sure you click 'Save' to save any changes.

Overriding a standard stylesheet

If you wish to use a modified version of a standard style sheet, simply upload via FTP your css file with the same name as the standard style sheet into your CSS folder.

For example, if you upload a css file called 'spring.css' into the css folder using FTP, Spring CMS will use your local version instead of the standard system version.